Super Pest Killer. Homemade Chili Pepper Organic Pesticide

We all want to protect our gardens with organic remedies. This super pest killer we propose today it’s very effective, cheap and not complicated at all.

How to prepare

1. Crush and grind 5 chili peppers then put them in 50 ml water. Use less chili if you have super spicy varieties.

2. Cover the mixture and let it macerate for 24 hours (the oils inside the chili will dissolve in water).

3. The obtained liquid is filtered and diluted with water as follows: 10 ml of chili peppers concentrate to one liter of water.

4. The solution is applied by spraying.

5. The solution combats mites, caterpillars, Colorado potato beetle larvae and aphids.


Use gloves or take care that the solution does not come into contact with your skin!

Use it with caution in order to avoid contact with your eyes.

Wear goggles during application!

Rinse your hands well and the spraying utensils immediately after finishing the work!

Image Credits: Homeguides

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