Pest Control

How to Get Rid of Noisy Crickets for Good

Crickets are harmless insects whose sound signifies summertime. However, when it invades and starts infesting your home, it is another story altogether. The question to be answered here is how to get rid of crickets? It is quite simple really. Try these tactics to keep those crickets from destroying everything in your home. Sticky traps Sticky traps that are commercially …

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Best Methods to Get Rid of Snakes in The Garden

Snakes are beneficial in the garden because they eat small rodents that could destroy crops. However, it’s not a pleasant thing when you see a snake crawling in the grass. Snakes can be very dangerous, especially if there are children around. For the safety of your family you should get rid of snakes in the garden. This does not mean …

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Super Pest Killer. Homemade Chili Pepper Organic Pesticide

We all want to protect our gardens with organic remedies. This super pest killer we propose today it’s very effective, cheap and not complicated at all. How to prepare 1. Crush and grind 5 chili peppers then put them in 50 ml water. Use less chili if you have super spicy varieties. 2. Cover the mixture and let it macerate …

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