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Vegetable Garden: 5 Most Common Seeding Mistakes

You spend more time working on your vegetable garden, but it does not look exactly as you want. You ever thought that maybe you made some mistakes when you have planted the seedlings and seeds? It is best to know in advance some information about garden care in order to avoid any problem, because you often make efforts but the vegetables do not grow as your expectations.

Here are 5 common seeding mistakes that can compromise your vegetable harvest:

Your vegetable garden does not get enough natural light

It is very important that the chosen place for growing vegetables to have sunlight at least 8 hours a day. You also need to consider the fact that plants that grow taller can delay the growth of the smaller ones.

Soil poor in nutrients

Analyze the type of soil you use and only choose plants that can grow on that type of soil. Check the soil strengths and weaknesses and try to improve the conditions, adding chemical or organic fertilizers. The minerals will enrich the soil texture and will improve drainage so that the soil will be able to properly feed your vegetable garden.

Small distance between vegetables

Plants need space for roots to grow properly. If you plant too many seedlings next to each other, there will always be a competition for water, light and nutrients. Also, plants need air and if it doesn’t circulate among them they will become an attractive source for pests and diseases. If you have already made this mistake, you can straighten it this way: analyze carefully the vegetables and keep only those that are healthy. Only doing so you’ll be able to save the harvest.

Excessive watering

Although vegetables need water, excessive watering may damage their root. Even if you find some seedlings that look a little faded during the day because of the sun, don’t water them because sun rays can affect them worse. Moreover, it is recommended to water the vegetable garden just in the morning or in the evening, after the sunset.

Too much fertilizer

Although it should help the plants, actually has the opposite effect. Balance is the key for your vegetable garden, so it is recommended to add nutrients in moderation. Follow the instructions carefully if you use a commercial product. In order to avoid any problems, try to use only organic fertilizer: seaweed, manure, garden waste (tree branches, dried leaves).

By avoiding these common mistakes you will ensure that your vegetable garden will look splendid and will be productive. What other gardening mistakes you did over time?

Image Credits: Arctic Gardens

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