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Bio And Effective Insecticide Made Of Beetles, Caterpillars, Slugs And Other Pests

A strange but effective recipe for no-pesticide gardens.

What to do

In case of an invasion of caterpillars, slugs, Colorado potato beetles or other pests, just collect an amount of individuals who threaten your plants.

Crush it or chop it in a blender that you no longer use in the kitchen.

Add two parts water (eg a cup of Colorado potato beetles/ larvae, add 2 cups of water), stir well then drain it through a sieve (if you want to use a sprayer).

Another method of spreading this solution is by using a little broomstick: soak the broomstick in the solution and then shake it vigorously over the plants. In this case, no need to filter the solution.

Why the solution works

No one knows exactly why this method works. Perhaps due to the panic hormones secreted by the massacred insects or maybe the appetite of the newcomers simply disappears when they see the massacre. The fact is that until the first rain pests of the species used in this solution will no longer occur.

There’s a little tougher and disgusting solution, isn’t it?

For amateurs, it’s downright horror and completely disgusting!

But if we think that this method is 100% bio, compared with pesticides that kill bees and sooner or later affect our health, things get a different meaning.

However, the most important thing is that when we are faced with a problem to know what handy solutions we have. The choice depends on each one’s understanding, criteria and preference.

Image Credits: News PSU EDU

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