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How to Water Your Orchids Correctly – 9 Good to Know Tips

Yellow orchid leaves are most commonly caused by incorrect watering. In order to grow orchids successfully, you need to know when and how to water them. Using the tips in this article, you’ll be able to water your orchids effectively.

🔴 1. The orchid should only be watered in the morning.

⚪ 2. The basic rule is to water once a week in winter and twice a week in summer.

🟡 3. A tight-pot orchid needs to be watered more often than one that is in a larger pot.

🟢 4. The decision about a new watering is based on how wet the substrate is near the pot surface. It is possible for the substrate to still be moist inside. If you want to be extra safe, stick a wooden pencil in the pot. You should postpone watering if the stick feels damp after removal.

🔵 5. The best water for plants is rainwater because it collects dust, pollen, and other organic matter. Due to its chemical treatment, tap water should be used cautiously.

🟣 6. Orchids should always be watered with room temperature water. The effects of watering with cold water are not immediate, but they cause serious physiological disorders and ultimately result in the death of the orchid.

🟤 7. It’s not a good idea to water orchid leaves. Paper towels can be used to remove water if you accidentally water them.

⚫ 8. It is critical to keep the rosette dry. The presence of stagnant water in the center of the rosette is death for the plant. In the event that water gets in there, it must be removed immediately with a paper towel or ear sticks.

🟠 9. Excessive watering leads to leaf yellowing. In the event you see yellow leaves and roots rotting, you need to stop watering for a few weeks.

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