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How to Get Rid of Noisy Crickets for Good

Crickets are harmless insects whose sound signifies summertime. However, when it invades and starts infesting your home, it is another story altogether. The question to be answered here is how to get rid of crickets? It is quite simple really.

Try these tactics to keep those crickets from destroying everything in your home.

Sticky traps

Sticky traps that are commercially available can remove crickets. Most of them contain fragrances that attract crickets. In some countries, these devices have been criticized by environmentalists because they do not actually kill crickets, but they deprive them of the ability to move so that insects slowly die from starvation.

Diatomaceous earth sprinkle treatment

This treatment only requires you to acquire a diatomaceous earth from your local pest control store. This is simply made up of prehistoric diatoms that have left fossilized shells that are, in turn, crushed into a powder. All you need to do is spread this powder into crevices in your house or wherever area crickets have infested. The powder will dehydrate the insects as it can go through their exoskeleton upon contact.

Chemical sprays

Crickets can be removed with chemical sprays and aerosols. But such methods are effective against a small population of crickets. All you have to do is spray them in areas with crickets. These substances are designed to kill insects and can be harmful to humans. If you have small children or pets, the use of these sprays is not recommended.

Molasses treatment

This treatment is very easy and effective solution to your cricket problem. You only need two ingredients, molasses and water and follow the procedure below:

– In a shallow bowl, place around 4 to 5 spoonfuls of molasses

– Fill the bowl up to its half with water and place it in an area where infestation is visible

This treatment is very effective as crickets are strongly attracted to molasses and will jump into the bowl willingly. Replace the solution as needed.


Cats, lizards and birds are great lovers of cricket. If these predators live near your home, removing crickets will be an easier task.

Mow the grass

Remove weeds around the house walls. They provide perfect areas for crickets.

Ultrasonic devices

Protect your yard with special ultrasonic devices that repel crickets.


One of the best ways to get rid of crickets is to prevent their occurrence. Carefully examine your home and fix all the cracks in the walls and foundation. Even the smallest holes can allow crickets to get inside your house.

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