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The Easiest Ways To Get Rid Of Crabgrass

Even if crabgrass is an annual weed, it acts like a perennial. This is something called an indeterminate growth pattern. Thus, most annual weeds grow until mature enough to produce seeds, then they die. Now, getting rid of crabgrass is difficult due to their growth along all season, spring through fall. Not even mowing the crabgrass won’t stop it. Does everyone hate and need help getting rid of crabgrass? Well, I seem to think so. Keep reading and find out the easiest methods to get rid of crabgrass.

It is really a nuisance so let’s just get on with the steps:

1. Control the crabgrass by controlling the seed spreading

Thus, you need to keep crabgrass seeds from spreading. You can do this by using a grass catcher. For example, with a mulching mower that returns clippings to the soil, you can get some control.

2. Kill existing crabgrass

Natural methods are quite more suitable if you want to kill the existing crabgrass. You could use plant oils and salt-based products. However, my favorite is vinegar. At full strength, it can really kill crabgrass and other weeds. Another efficient and natural method would be boiling water.

3. Remove dead crabgrass plants

Getting rid of crabgrass plants after they die is just as important as killing the weed. The dense mat that crabgrass forms can smother nearby grass plants. Removing the dead plant in a timely manner may allow your lawn grass to recover.

4. Replant bare lawn spots with new grass seed

When the soil is exposed in your lawn area, all types of weed seeds are likely to germinate and take hold. Plan to reseed these open areas in your lawn as soon as possible to eliminate the opportunity for more trouble next season. Early in the fall season is a great time to start new grass. It should have plenty of time to get established before winter.

5. Prevent a future crabgrass infestation

You’ve embarked on the long journey of getting rid of crabgrass. The most important part of your success comes with preventing the next infestation. The easiest way to do this is by using a preemergent. This is simply a product that will inhibit the crabgrass seedling as it starts to grow.

6. Restrict over-watering and over-fertilizing the crabgrass

Crabgrass responds favorably to nitrogen applications. Meaning, if you are growing for cattle forage, throw the fertilizer on. But restrict fertilizer applications on the typical home lawn when your goal is getting rid of crabgrass.

Abundant moisture makes a prime germination setting for weeds. Avoid daily watering of lawns that keep the soil constantly moist on top. Deep irrigation done less frequently will promote deeper roots, healthier grass, and fewer weeds.

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