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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Noisy Frogs In Your Garden

I used to have quite a lot of frogs and toads visiting my garden. They were not poisonous frogs and never bothered me. However, frogs could get problematic if there are too many of them. They become too noisy. Thus, in this article, I am going to give you 5 ways to get rid of noisy frogs in your garden.

1. Drain any source of water

As frogs need water to live, draining any source of water in your garden. This would be one of your best options. A constant access to water is the pond. Consider removing it to cut off the source of water. Also, filling up large holes that collect water in your lawn could be another method.

2. Remove any weeds or algae

Simply remove any weeds or algae in your pond that might be breeding grounds and where they seek shelter.

3. Cut off their food source

Another option is to remove their source of food. This means flies and mosquitoes just to name a few. Do not leave food lying around and close your trash cans tightly. The flies are attracted to them. Using a reliable flytrap is fine also. As for the mosquitoes, simply get rid of any standing bodies of water.

4. Tidy up your yard

Also, make sure to tidy up your lawn and clear your yard. This will won’t make it possible for frogs to hide anymore. They won’t be also to hole up or rest as dark, shaded areas appeal to them.

5. Prepare a natural solution

Spray salt or vinegar solution in your yard. This will deter them from going inside your yard as the salt stings their tiny webbed feet. Use minimal dosages of the solution as they are harmful to the plants in your garden too.

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