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Effective Methods To Control Woodpecker Damage

Woodpeckers are becoming a real nuisance every time. However, the main problem is that they peck holes in the trees. But when they start pecking on your wood house, the problem becomes more serious. Their reasons are they like to mark out their territory and they search for food. All the problems with woodpeckers will go away if you check out these effective methods to get rid of them.

1. Use visual deterrents

Woodpeckers get really scared off by shiny materials. Thus, you could try the following visual deterrents: reflective tape, foil strips, aluminum pie, pieces of string or colorful rope. Also, you could hang a flag or decoration for a more visually appealing solution.

2. Drive woodpeckers with noise

When woodpeckers hear the sound of their predators and other unfamiliar noises, they get scared. Get one of the following sound deterrents and hear them go away. You can safely use an ultrasonic recording of a woodpecker in distress or wind chimes.

3. Repair the existing holes

Replace shingles and planks where woodpeckers have already successfully drilled. Paint or stain over the repair to further disguise the site and prevent any insects from invading the weakened area. This will remove the visual clue that the area is good for drumming or drilling, and the birds are more likely to move on.

4. Use movement objects

Windsocks or flags hung in the same area where the birds are pecking will help deter them with random movements and fluttering noises that can be frightening. Colorful objects are the best choice and may be more effective than simple windsocks.

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