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Highly Effective & Natural Solutions To Get Rid Of Bats

Bats are human-friendly little beings when it comes to preventing unwanted insects, and bugs from your home. However, they are not safe. The most common places where you can find bats is the porch connect with the garden, the terrace or the backyard where you kept the old furniture. That is why many look for remedies on how to get rid of bats. It is not an easy task but you can do it, just follow these instructions!

Here you have some effective home remedies to get rid of bats from your garden, or from any living area.

1. Moth balls

These are also known as naphthalene balls and are the top-most solution to get rid of bats. They will chase away the bats. You can find them at the pest control stores. The effects of these mothballs will depend mostly on the ventilation you have.

2. Spray them with water

For this operation, you need a long hose pipe to spray with. During the day, spray the bats with water. This disturbs them but does not harm them at all.

3. Ultrasonic sound emitter device

The noise created by the ultrasonic sound emitter device will chase the bats from your home. Really, these devices are very effective and they worth a try especially for big gardens.

4. Sprinkle cinnamon

With a powdered form of cinnamon, sprinkle it in the bat colony. This is an effective and a non-toxic way to chase the bats away from your home.

5. Eucalyptus

Generally, any kind of eucalyptus source will drive bats away. So, you could use eucalyptus oil, leaves or fragrance filled eucalyptus gel. Their smell annoys bats.

6. Cut off their entrances

This is a simple method where you have to block the bat entrance. The construction of bat box is done according to maternity colonies of bats. Thus, this is the right time to proof your home, during fall or winter.

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