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How To Keep Groundhogs Away From Your Garden

Aren’t you tired of groundhogs making a mess out of your garden? I wouldn’t be a big issue but the burrows could also damage the roots of the plants. They are also stripping the tree of their bark which is causing diseases. Now, facing these problems, it’s time to get rid of them for good, right? Keep reading and find out how!


And so we begin. Yes, eggs will turn the groundhogs away and keep them away for good. when you find them in your garden, locate the burrows.

Then, take an egg, crack it open over the burrow and cover the burrow with dirt. Thus, do this with every burrow and you won’t see them anymore. This solution, however, offers short-term results, but it gets the job done.

Castor Oil

Now, castor oil is a great repellant. It will definitely deter groundhogs. Just as in the eggs case, drop a spoon of castor oil into the burrows and seal them with dirt.

If you want to make sure everything is covered, prepare a solution. You could mix castor oil with water and they spray all over the affected areas.

Try the pepper

Using any kind of pepper will also repel the groundhogs. However, try the chili, Cheyenne or the red pepper. These are the most efficient.

This pepper needs to be sprinkled into the burrow holes. Then, hide them with dirt. This is another great solution because the pepper is very inexpensive and most importantly, all natural.

Put up some fences

Many people have tried using mesh fences that have openings no more than an inch wide. You would place posts around the perimeter of your yard or garden about 8-10 feet away from each other.

This is supposed to keep the groundhogs from digging under the wire. This could be effective considering groundhogs can only dig about 5 feet deep.

Bait them and use traps

To really get rid of them, you would need place a fence around your garden. Once this is done, making a trap is the following step. Locate the groundhog’s burrows and seal all of them off except one.

Thus, the groundhogs will use only the available one to escape. This is where you will set the trap. At the top of the trap door is a lock mechanism that has to be pushed up. Then, push the bar that is U-shaped up against the door. Now, you can lift the door up and as you do the lock mechanism will be released.

Place the trap 5 feet away from the groundhogs burrow with bait inside. You can use guide logs that will force the woodchuck to move towards the trap. However, be sure to disguise it with leaves and shrubs.

Once the groundhogs have attempted to remove the bait, the door will lock it securely inside. This is the only way to get rid of groundhogs for good because you can locate him to another area away from your property.

Natural predators

Another reliable way to keep groundhogs away are the natural predators. Cats and dogs are the perfect predators.

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