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Quick & Effective Ways To Keep Skunks Out Of Your Yard

If you found skunk activity around your garden, then you need some quick and effective methods to control it. Depending on the type of damage caused, you might want to check this information. In my opinion, if you try these methods, you just might be successful in getting rid of skunks. Thus, if you don’t know how to keep skunks out of your garden, keep reading.

1. Bring more light to your garden

They really hate the lights so you might take advantage of that. Thus, a great deterrent would be adding lights in your garden. This is effective because skunks prefer a dark location. Once you cut that off, you eliminate their chance of having a nest in your backyard.

2. Check out the holes and seal them

Sometimes, they get under your house or are hiding in the garden. Thus, you should seal all the holes to cut off their access. Using solid-metal flash wire and quarter inch screening are effective ways to cover the holes.

3. Cut their food source

Don’t make it easy for them. Ensure your garden has no food source they like. Some of these are pet food, garbage bags, water bowls, leftover vegetables, fruits etc. These will not only attract skunks but other wildlife as well.

4. Use motion-activated sprinkles

These products are a safe and natural way to keep smelly mammals away from your property. Place sprinklers close to locations where you suspect skunks might want to shelter.

5. Repel them off

Solve your skunk problem in a natural way using effective repellents. Repellents made of active, natural ingredients work together to irritate and repel skunks as soon as they taste, smell or touch the products.

– Citrus smells can be effectively used as ways to deter skunks.
– Ammonia is another natural skunk control solution. Place some ammonia cotton balls soaked rags around the yard to repel smelly rodents.

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