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The Complete Guide To Get Rid of Chipmunks In Your Yard

A chipmunk infestation is always a serious task. It requires patience, diligence, and proper knowledge. This is where I come in. If you still encounter these fluffy creatures in your backyard, keep reading. I’ll tell you what are the best ways of getting rid of chipmunks that are truly effective.

First, let’s see what methods of chipmunk prevention are most effective.

Preventive measures

How do you make your yard unattractive to the chipmunks?

I think that a fence would be the most effective way of prevention. You could use an inexpensive net with small cells with which you can cover crops, building foundation cavities, pipes, etc.

Another way may be using hardware cloth. The hardware cloth is one of the best exclusion materials available. Use 1/4-inch material and be sure to bury it 6 inches to 8 inches deep to keep chipmunks from digging under sidewalks and around gardens or other important areas.

Also, think about the factors that can attract rodents to your place. They, for example, love the bird feeders, even if they are hung on trees. Free access to the bowls with pet food is also dangerously attractive to them.

Thus, keep in mind that the risk of chipmunk infestation is increased if you own a house near the woods or if you adore garden decorations. All the huge logs, stone gardens, and bushy shrubs can become a great shelter for these pests. A more spacious, cleaner and well-maintained the yard is, the less it is liked by the chipmunks.

Traps and Bait

In this section, I want to introduce you to how to make handmade chipmunk traps.

A cage-type trap and rat-sized snap traps are the best ones. The latter, however, can kill or disable larger animals. I would also recommend using steel leg-hold or jaw traps. Burying them into the ground in front of the entrance to the hole and then covering with dirt is said to relieve you from using any bait!

Also, try a medium complexity option of a tuned DIY chipmunk trap.

Burrow-entrance live-trap can be constructed out of hardware cloth. Use a 12×20-inch piece of 1/4 hardware cloth. Bend it three consecutive times to form a rectangle. Crimp the edges together using hog rings. Close one end of the box with a 3-inch piece of hardware cloth.

Construct a door of hardware cloth and attach one end to the top of the trap so that it can move freely. Bend the opposite end so that when the door is closed, approximately 2 inches comes in contact with the floor. For best results, set the trap in a burrow where chipmunks have been seen entering. Wedge the door end firmly into the entrance and prop the trap into position with a block of wood.

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