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Effective Ways To Handle A Pigeon Invasion In Your Garden

Pigeons will adapt perfectly to human environments. Because our buildings provide excellent roosts, they feel attracted to them. However, before you attempt to get rid of pigeons on your own, you should know that this isn’t your typical pest. Thus, you need a more ingenious approach. That is the use of some control methods to handle a pigeon invasion in your garden.

Use traps

Live pigeons traps are a highly recommended control strategy. The trap choice belongs to you. Attracted by the bait, the birds are lured through a one-way door. You can bait them with their special food like wheat, cracked corn. It’s important to leave a few pigeons inside as decoys.

Change the living conditions

Proof your home. By changing the living conditions with pigeon spikes, bird netting, slopes, and wiring, you will get rid of them. These methods are effective pigeon deterrents. However, the installation will require some skill.

Remove their food sources

Clean up bird seed, grains, and other sources of food. This will make your property a less-convenient roost for pigeon invasion. Also, it is very important to secure garbage cans and other sources of waste. Gardens should be protected by netting or motion-sensing sprinklers.

Remove their water sources

Even a small amount of standing water can support an obnoxious population of birds. Pigeons can fly distances for food and water. If either isn’t readily available, your property will be a less likely roosting site.

Destroy the nests

It may seem inhumane, but this is one of the best ways to disrupt a flock of pigeons. This can be accomplished with a tree branch, tent pole, or roof rake. Just get up there and scramble things around. I would recommend doing this at two-week intervals. This way, you will prevent any eggs from hatching. Eventually, the pigeons will get the point and make for safer ground.

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