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7 Mother Nature Nutrients That Promote Plant Growth

Do you buy fertilizers and soil additives? You know they are quite harmful to the environment. However, you still want to boost your garden and plant growth. Have you ever thought of taking advantage of waste from Mother Nature? These ingredients will help you with plant growth. Not to mention how simple they are to prepare! Check out these 7 Mother Nature nutrients that promote plant growth. In the following lines, you have some recipes you should try.

1. Check out seaweed from the beach

If you live near the beach, you are so lucky! You can easily collect the dried seaweed only from near cold-water. Then, after rinsing them well, you can put them in a barrel. Fill the barrel with water to the top, cover with a lid and allow to brew for at least two months. There you have it. A great nutrient that could help with flower and fruit growth.

2. Unsalted boiled vegetable water

Did you know that after boiling vegetables, you can get amazing nutrients for your plants? Try it! After you boiled the vegetables, allow the water to cool then pour it on the soil around your plants. The goodies leftovers from the vegetable will make the water valuable for your plant growth.

3. Kitchen vegetable peelings infusion

You donțt have to throw out the vegetable peelings from your kitchen. You could actually use them for a better purpose. Put them in a small bucket, cover it with boiling water and allow to steep overnight for 2 days. After this brewing, strain the bucket and water your plants. Pretty smooth so far, isn’t it?

4. Another infusion with plant leftovers

This would be the same thing as the previous infusion, except this time you will use leaves, grass clippings, twigs, dead flower heads and anything else that you rake up or prune. Store everything in a pail, cover with water and allow to brew for 1 week. After this time, strain everything and use the infused water on your plants. Isn’t amazing how the circle of life comes back helping you?

5. Manure tea

This can be used as an all-purpose fertilizer and applied every 2 to 3 weeks. Add a shovelful of well-rotted manure to a 5-gallon pail, fill with water then leave it to sit overnight. Apply to soil only and don’t let it come in contact with leaves or stems.

6. Compost tea

Rich in nutrients, all you need is a pail full of water, a shovelful of compost and some time like 3 to 7 days.

7. Boiled eggs water

After eggs have boiled, there will be traces of calcium left behind in the water. Wait till it’s cool before using. I come across this tip frequently in vintage household articles and is especially recommended for African Violets. It’s thought to help with bloom and plant growth.

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