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How To Get Rid Of Chiggers From Your Garden

Chiggers are very small pests, nearly impossible to see with the human eye. However, there are effective methods to get rid of chiggers, if you’re concerned about a possible chigger mite infestation. Of course, be careful to wear appropriate clothing and repellent whenever you walk through an area that may have chiggers.

If you find a heavy infestation of chiggers in an area of your garden, you should take steps to eliminate them. You’ll definitely want to avoid walking through those areas of your yard. The best method to control chiggers is to eliminate their habitat on your property.

Most chiggers prefer moist, shady areas with thick vegetation. Some species do like dry areas, so keep that in mind. Prime chigger habitat includes overgrown lawns, ground covers, leaf litter, weedy areas, and densely planted shrubs or trees. Chiggers tend to cluster in certain areas since the small females lay their eggs in one location. You may find an abundance of chiggers in one area, and a complete lack of chiggers in an equally suitable area nearby.

So how do you get rid of chiggers in your garden?

Maintain a neat and tidy landscape, specifically:

– Mow your lawn regularly and keep it short, especially around the edges where the grass meets landscape beds or woody areas.
– Keep landscape beds weeded and remove accumulated leaf litter.
– Trim and prune landscape plants regularly to keep them from becoming overgrown.
– Remove brush piles from your property.
– Because chiggers avoid sunny areas, eliminating shade in your yard can reduce chigger populations.

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