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4 Step Method To Get Rid Of Mushrooms In Your Potted Plants

Having mushrooms appear overnight in your potted plants can be disconcerting. The most common mushroom found growing in houseplants is called the yellow houseplant mushroom. The mushroom you are seeing above the ground is the fruit of a fungus called mycelium. These mushrooms are quite toxic for your plants so you need to take action immediately. If you are looking for solutions, here you will get several steps to remove them efficiently.

Step 1

First of all, you need to check out the soil surface of your potted plants. If you notice mushrooms, try to remove the top 1 to 2 inches of the potting soil and throw them away. Replace the infected soil with a new, sterilized potting soil to bring out a healthy environment for your plant. Now, you might need to repeat this step if you see new mushrooms appear again. However, if you are careful, in time, this problem might disappear.

Step 2

Second of all, you also need to grab all the mushrooms and throw them away. By removing the mushrooms you will also get rid of the fungus spores that contribute enormously to the growth of the mushroom. Also, for an efficient removal, you could pull out of the mushrooms from the base of the soil to take out the mushroom stems.

Step 3

The next obvious and effective step is repotting your houseplant. If your problem is more serious, you need to remove your houseplant completely from its old pot. You can either clean the potting soil by shaking it from its roots or you could just replant in another healthy potting soil. The choice is yours, you only need to replace the damage caused by the mushrooms. If you choose to wash the pot, you could use a solution made from one part bleach to 10 parts water. This means you just sterilized the pot and the soil.

Step 4

This last step is the most extreme one. You could also soak your houseplant in fungicide which is never a good solution. Move your houseplant outside, and apply fungicide to the pot, following manufacturer’s instructions. Leave the plant outside until the soil has dried out slightly. Make sure you tried everything above before you resort this last step.

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