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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Rust On Roses

Roses will suffer from rust from time to time. Thus, you need to know how to control the rust using natural remedies. Now rust is a common rose disease, appearing towards the end of summer, beginning of fall.

How does it appear on roses?

Deep orange patches first appear on the stems and then move onto the leaves. In the fall the winter spores are produced. Now instead of the orange-rust patches, black spots are scattered on the underside of the leaves.

These fungal spores will lie dormant during the winter, and if they find the right conditions, they will infect the stems of the roses to produce those tell-tale bright orange-rust patches during the summer.

Natural remedies to get rid of rust on roses

1. Remove the infected leaves

To try and prevent this disease from spreading, remove any of the rust infected leaves and burn them. Do not add them to your compost heaps.

2. Baking soda spraying

When spring comes spray your roses with a Bordeaux mixture to prevent it from appearing later on. Again, baking soda in water will do the trick as well.

3. Trim carefully

If you find that during those summer months your rose stems are affected with it, cut those out too, and burn them. If you find that you cannot cut out certain stems, as it would spoil the look of the plant, then rub them down with some cotton wool dipped in methylated spirits.

4. Cider vinegar solution

Mix 3 tablespoons of cider vinegar to 5 quarts of water. Add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and a good squirt of soft soap to make sure that your organic spray sticks to the leaves. Spray on plant early morning or evening to prevent leaf burn. Reapply as necessary, and always after it has rained, once the leaves are dry.

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