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Tips & Tricks to Save Your Over Fertilized Plants

Too much fertilizer added to the soil means that the nutrients won’t work anymore. Thus, your plants will be confused and start to decay. Don’t worry though, most of these plants can be saved with some tips and tricks. Check them out in this article. See the best tricks and tips that will save your overfertilized plants.

Tricks to prevent over fertilizing your plants:

1. Remove any visible fertilizer

When the fertilizer is a visible powder you need to remove it to prevent further overfertilization. Additionally, if the fertilizer salts have created a white crust that must also be removed. Be careful when you are scooping the fertilizer away so you won’t further damage the plant or roots.

2. Leach the soil with water

Leaching the soil with water will also prevent additional overfertilization. Moreover, it can allow the plant’s roots to begin to heal. If you can, use distilled, room-temperature water to leach nutrients from the soil.

3. Flood the root system

If the plant is in your garden, flood the soil around the root system before allowing the water to continue to drip at the plant’s base for 30 minutes.

4. Allow the water to drain away

If the plant is in a pot, fill the pot with water and allow it to drain out the bottom. Repeat this step four times to make sure all the fertilizer is washed away from the roots.

Save your over fertilized plants with these tips:

– remove damaged foliage using a pair of scissors
– replant if possible, transferring it to new, fresh soil will provide your plant and its roots an opportunity to heal
– avoid fertilizing your plant for 3-4 weeks
– choose a fertilizer without nitrogen.

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