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What To Do About That Sticky Substance On Your Orchids?

Sometimes, our orchids (of various types) get a sticky clear residue on their leaves. This is pretty scary if you love your orchids and care for their environment. Now you might want to know what this is and how do we get rid of it. Well, you’re in the right spot. Check this article for information on sticky leaves and how to get rid of that sticky substance.

What causes sticky leaves?

So far, we have seen that some orchids produce a sticky substance on the flower stems. Sometimes, the sticky substance spreads to the juncture of where a blossom stem meets the main stem. However, sticky leaves are somehow normal. Except for when is not associated with an insect infestation.

Thus, there are some situations where the appearance of a sticky substance or honeydew is due to the secretions of an insect. So seeing that can indicate an insect problem. Aphids, scale, and mealy bug are capable of doing this and all of them can be insect problems for orchids. Ants can be present as well as they farm these insects for the honeydew. So if you see ants definitely look for insects.

What to do about that sticky leaves?

What do I do when I see sticky leaves on my orchids? Well, first of all, I start taking a good look at the orchids leaves to see if I there are any sign of insect infestation. The scale is the most common culprits for sticky leaves.

Thus, what to do about it? Well, check out these natural options:

1. Neem oil

This is an effective safe natural solution that works for aphids, scale, mealybugs, mites. This means that automatically you’ll also get rid of sticky leaves.

2. A new watering schedule

You also might need a new watering schedule. This means that the problem consists in the fact that you just bought the plant to your house. It might need time to adjust to the new climate. Thus, when the plant is going through the acclimation process, it might develop sticky leaves. Change this by adopting a new watering schedule.

3. Insecticidal soap

This is also a natural method you could resort to. By mixing liquid soap with water and spraying the sticky leaves, you just might have found the miracle. Your plant will grow safe and healthy again. Make sure to carefully rinse everything, wiping every leaf eventually.

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