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Highly Effective Ways to Get Rid of Those Scary Red Spider Mites

Get rid of the biggest threat to your indoor plants now. That’s right, red spider mites don’t belong there. They’re scary and tiny, laying waste to your favorite houseplants overnight. Thus, you don’t have to leave them undetected and unchecked because they could cause serious damage. Keep reading this article and find out how you can eliminate these scary red spider mites.

The biggest problem still remains. They can cling to the bottom of leaves on your houseplants, taking out the important nutrients they need from the leaves. Thus, the houseplants start to dry until they die. Prevent this by identifying correctly the red spider mites and their weakness. Red spider mites can be destroyed through natural methods, so you’re not hopeless.

Effective methods to get rid of red spider mites

1. Identify and counter-attack

The first method would be correctly identifying them and the plants they are attracted to. Spider mites are attracted to many plants, including indoor plants, ornamental flowers, but most houseplants. How can you identify them? Well, they are about a pencil dot size. So you can imagine how actually tiny they are. After a while, they could be more easily spotted by their spread cloak of webbing on the leaves.

2. Reduce environmental conditions in which they thrive

These little red spider mites thrive best in hot and dry environmental conditions. Thus, you know where the problem is. Mix those conditions with their favorite plants, you get a good chance they will appear. So, keep an eye out for them as they attempt to establish themselves on your plants. This will help you better monitor their appearance which in turn will help you eliminate them.

3. Soap solution might just do the trick

You already detected them. Now, you need to come out in full force. Try this solution by mixing up water and soap. While easily shaking your plant, spray the little pests with this solution. Remember, you only need a few squirts so do not drown your plant in it. Make sure you won’t be the main cause for the damage to your plant.

4. Full rinsing with water

Now, while drowning the plant with the soap solution is harmful, rinsing with plenty of water is another effective method. The force of the water actually appears to kill spider mites. The only hitch is that you have to spray the water where the spider mites are – on the underside of the leaves. This actually might be a time-consuming task so prepare yourself.

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