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Homemade Insecticidal Soap For Pest Control

There are a lot of home gardeners, myself included, that have been using homemade insecticidal soap for pest control for a while now. These are amazing for killing bugs on plants and the best part is its natural ingredients. Thus, natural ingredients are the best option you should turn to when you need an eco-friendly solution for pest control.

Furthermore, I am aware that some people believe there is a secret to mixing soap in water and spraying a plant. However, even if this solution helps remove bugs, the insecticidal soap is even better. For example, the fatty acids work effectively on soft-bodied insects. Most of the insects are aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, thrips, and whiteflies. aren’t you eager to get rid of them? Thus, let’s see how to DIY this homemade insecticidal soap. Keep on reading!

The DIY homemade insecticidal soap recipe consists of:

– 5 tablespoons of 2% soap solution
– 1 gallon of water

All you have to do is mix these and shake very well to incorporate the ingredients!

Now, my favorite part of making this DIY is adding a personal touch. Thus, for me, this means I get to complete the recipe with stinky or hot tasting ingredients that make the best additions. In my case, I prefer to add cayenne pepper, red pepper, garlic, powerful herbs and extracts, cider vinegar and even a cooking oil.

In addition to this DIY, here you have some other tips you could use:

1. Some spays can do some serious damage to foliage. Thus, make sure to always do a test spray in a small area. If the spray is too strong, you would need to dilute it.

2. Also, try reducing the mix rate to a 1% solution if the spray concentrate is too harsh. However, remember a diluted solution may be easier on the plants but less effective.

3. While outdoors, look for plants not bothered by insects, even nearby weeds. You never know where they are. Thus, blending some up to make some type of spray could be the new ingredient you’ve been looking for.

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