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5 DIY Decorative Ideas to Show Off Bathroom Plants

We all know how beneficial are the indoor plants. They are such a lovely visual addition to space that they are creating softness and are adding color in every room. Also, they are perfect to clean the toxins from the air. However, some plants are just harder to maintain. Thus, I would recommend placing them in your bathroom. It would be ideal for them because the plants will be able to thrive on the moisture that comes from your shower. However, a struggle when it comes to bathroom plants is the decor. Thus, check out these 5 DIY decorating ideas so you can place and show off your beautiful bathroom plants.

1. A decorative frame

First off, I would love to start with a decorative frame. This was my first personal DIY project and I hold it dear because it is practical. Thus, if you have a small bathroom and you would like to decorate it with bromeliads, ferns or other succulents, these plants will do well in frames. Furthermore, you will also light your framed plants with a LED grow light bulb. All you have to do is to place the bulb in an attractive lamp above. For example, check out this DIY Vertical Succulent Garden, doesn’t it look amazing?

Image Credits: Lowe’s Home Improvement on Youtube

2. Living Wall

Next off, I tried this a while ago and let me tell what a beautiful visual it will give to your bathroom. For example, you can cover an entire wall with plants. Thus, consider learning a DIY from plans and tutorials to build your own. Check out this Grovert Living Wall Planter, it will make the project easier to accomplish. The bathroom plants used in this video would do well with bright indirect sunlight or ample artificial light.

Image Credits: Garden Answer on Youtube

3. Consider vases

Moreover, you can accommodate your bathroom space by placing plants that can thrive in water in attractive vases. For example, you could decorate your bathroom with lucky bamboo, ivy or pothos. They live extremely well in filtered water and pebbles indefinitely.

Thus, as a DIY decorative idea, you could line a windowsill with attractive vases. You could also tuck a tall thin vase in a narrow corner. Another place to put a small vase of bamboo or ivy would be beside your bathroom sink. For example, check this bathroom decor, it looks perfectly well combined together:

Image Credits: Decoist

4. Terrarium

Furthermore, succulents will love a traditional terrarium, as you can see in the picture below. Thus, you can think about setting a terrarium on your countertop or the back of your toilet. Place a small, attractive lamp with a grow light above the terrarium to provide decorative value and life-giving light.

Image Credits: Garden Answer on Youtube

5. Under The Sink

Last but not least, if you have a higher sink or simply attached to the wall with no cabinet, you have a perfect place to place tall, upright plants such as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. These are great ideas to artfully cover your sink pipes and add a touch of living beauty.

Image Credits: Elysee Magazine

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