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5 Handy Tricks to Make Fresh-Cut Flowers Last Longer

There is nothing more wonderful than receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. However, the next part is not so much wonderful, though. You know what I mean, the part when you have to clean out the moldy, smelly vase a week later. That’s right, the flowers don’t last that long and the vase gets musty. Thus, if you want your fresh-cut flowers last longer, keep reading and see the best 5 handy tricks for this.

No need to worry, flower lovers. I’ve got for you some handy tricks to keep those fresh-cut flowers lasting longer than ever:

1. Sugar

That’s right, add a couple teaspoons of sugar to the water in your flowers’ vase. That way, you can extend their life because sugar gives the flowers the nutrients they need.

2. Vinegar

Furthermore, vinegar inhibits bacteria growth. Thus, the ideal thing for keeping the bacteria away is by mixing some sugar and vinegar together with the water in the vase before adding the flowers. The 1-2 punch of the sugar and the vinegar is an effective life-extending combo.

3. Clear soda

You could also use Sprite or 7-Up to keep your flowers lasting longer. The reason is that the sugar in the soda helps feed the flowers. Moreover, the acidity helps lower the pH of the water, allowing the flowers to suck up more nutrients.

4. Vodka

Yes, the vodka is also great because it has a chemical known as ethylene. This will help the flowers to bloom and eventually wilt.

5. Flower food

Use the packet that comes with the stems, do not throw it away. That packet contains sugar to feed the flowers, a disinfectant to keep bacteria from growing, and acid to lower the pH of the water. That is how you get your flowers to eat more effectively and hence lasting longer.

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