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6 Banana Peel Uses as Natural Fertilizer & Pest Repellent in the Garden

There are a number of other banana peel uses both as a natural fertilizer and pest repellent in the garden. In this article, I would like to share with you some smart ways to take advantage of this valuable bit of trash. Keep on reading and find out which are the 6 banana peel uses as a natural fertilizer and pest repellent for your garden.

Banana peels are rich in nutrients and will make an excellent source of natural fertilizer. Thus, provide your garden with the nutrients it deserves. How can you get these with banana peels? For example, banana peels will provide:

– Potassium to help your plants grow strong roots
– Phosphorus which is absolutely essential for successful production of blossoms, pollen, and fruit
– Calcium for strength and proper development
– Magnesium which is absolutely essential for all aspects of plant growth and health.

Hence, what a fantastic way to use banana peels in your garden. Check out these tips:

1. DIY an all natural liquid organic fertilizer

Thus, as you can see, you can create an all-natural liquid organic fertilizer. Using banana peel, you will get nutrients of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen with water. Thus, this combination will make sure to feed and strengthen your plants. Moreover, it will help them to fight diseases and pests. One way to do this is by filling a large jar of 2 quarts with water, about three-quarters. Then, place it in your refrigerator and add small piece whenever you eat a banana. Make sure to keep the jar for about a week in the fridge. When it becomes full, strain the mixture and then add it to a gallon of plain water. This will be your compost tea for watering your plants and giving them a healthy dose of minerals.

2. Use soaked peels as fertilizer

All you have to do is to dehydrate the banana peels and then grind them into powder. This way, they will work directly into the soil. Another would be to make a slurry of some soaked banana peels using your blender. Either way, they will provide nourishment and a certain measure of pest control. Furthermore, the dehydrated banana peel powder makes an excellent addition to your seedlings. Mix a pinch into the starter mix in each pot be sure that your seeds get off to the best start.

3. Aphids repellent

Start by cutting up a banana peel into the soil surrounding your plants. Not only the banana peel will feed the plants, but it will also help your plants by deterring aphids. In addition, your plants will absorb the minerals through their leaves.

4. Prepare a soil amendment

Another use for banana peels would be to spread them directly into the soil as an amendment when you are preparing your veggies and flowers for the winter. Thus, you can just chop them up and add them whole to the soil. All you have to do is make sure to bury them deeply under mulch. These banana peels will also attract worms and microbes that are beneficial and will improve the quality of your soil.

5. DIY Foliar Fertilizer Rich in Calcium

Furthermore, the last use of banana peels is adding eggshells and Epsom salts in the previous tea you made. Together, these ingredients will make an absolutely fantastic spray-on liquid fertilizer. To prepare it, make sure you combine the following in your blender:

– around three crushed, dried, ground up eggshells
– about four dried, ground up banana peels
– just one tablespoon of Epsom salt
– and one quart of water

Thus, blend them really well to get a mixture. And that’s it, the ingredients have to be thoroughly dissolved in the water. Now you’re ready to use it in a spray bottle as a foliar fertilizer.

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