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6 Reasons Why Epsom Salt is Your Garden’s Best Friend

There is no doubt that Epsom salt is a gardener’s best friend. Using it for organic gardening and green living has many benefits. Epsom salt is becoming increasingly popular as an organic solution to a variety of problems. Furthermore, Epsom salt can be used for a variety of gardening purposes. The result is tastier tomatoes, better pepper yields, vibrant rose colors, and better seed germination. Check out these six reasons why Epsom salt is your garden’s best friend.

1. 🍅 Tastier tomatoes

It is possible for tomatoes to grow too large for their plants. It will lead to a much higher risk of magnesium deficiency. Therefore, the plant will need twice as much magnesium as other plants. A calcium deficiency will also affect the vines. It’s for this reason that most tomato fertilizers are calcium-rich.

Therefore, you should use a foliar spray on your plants. This is where Epsom salt will come in handy. Apply a foliar spray on the plants instead of just adding it to the soil. A foliar spray like this will significantly reduce absorption. Additionally, Epsom salt will deliver magnesium to plants at a faster rate, which is great for them. Every two weeks, water your tomato plants with two tablespoons of Epsom salt diluted in one gallon of water.

2. 🌶 Boost your pepper yields

Another benefit of using Epsom salt in your garden is that it will increase pepper yields. In general, peppers produce higher yields than other plants. As a result, plants should have an adequate level of magnesium on a regular basis. By providing a healthy and optimal growth environment, you will be able to accomplish this. Once a week, sprinkle a tablespoon of Epsom salt around each pepper plant.

3. 🌹 Vibrant color for roses

You can also use this natural ingredient to feed your roses. This will enhance the vibrancy and fullness of your roses. Aside from adding color and vibrancy to plants, Epsom salt also improves their strength. This is due to an increase in magnesium levels. As the chlorophyll level rises, the rose’s cell walls will become stronger.

4. 🌱 Boost seed germination

Epsom salt can be added to the soil before you sow the seeds as an amendment solution. Right from the start, this will give your plants a great boost. It strengthens cell walls, resulting in a greater chance of seed germination and stronger seedlings.

You can get incredible results in seed germination by using 1 cup of Epsom salt per 100 square feet. You can also add one to two tablespoons of salt in each hole before dropping in the seeds.

5. 🐛 Pest control

Some garden pests, such as voles and slugs, can be deterred by Epsom salt. Epsom salts may help reduce slug numbers in your garden, but it won’t be the miracle pest deterrent you’re hoping for. It is not recommended to use Epsom salts as a first treatment for pest problems; however, if you use Epsom salts to grow roses, it can discourage some pests from setting up camp.

6. 🌿 Weed killer

Epsom salt alone is not scientifically proven to be a weed killer. If applied foliarly or in large doses, it can damage the plants you want to get rid of.

According to the only recipe I’ve found for this practice, 1 cup of epsom salt is mixed with 2 gallons of vinegar and sprayed on weeds.

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