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How Can I Draw Hummingbirds Into My Yard?

Trying to draw hummingbirds in your yard? Well, that’s absolutely amazing! You will have a joyful yard all-summer long.

It may seem hard to achieve this goal, but it actually isn’t! After many attempts in bringing hummingbirds into my yard I managed successfully listening to their enchanting echoes this summer.

Since I’m not self-centered person, I want to share in a few lines my experience in attracting hummingbirds on my property. You will need a few tips and proper bird feeders.

Let’s see the steps you will need to follow to create the perfect hummingbird-friendly yard so you can delight your ears with hummingbird chirping songs!

1. Install Hummingbird Feeders

The main thing you should do is to install bird feeders into your yard, especially designed for hummingbirds. You can find on Amazon a wide variety of birdfeeders.

2. The Birdfeeders Must Be Stocked With Nectar

These birds have special needs of nectar and must feed themselves eight times every hour. This means that you have to keep the birdfeeders well-supplied with energy-packed nectar, especially in spring when they find it hard to find on flowers. However, you can provide them with homemade nectar which can be kept in the refrigerator up to two weeks.

3. The More The Merrier

As I mentioned in the first lines, you have to install many birdfeeders, all filled with nectar, in order to attract hummingbirds into your yard. Check them daily or two times a day to make sure these chirping birds will come in to enjoy your summer days.

4. Focus On The Placement Area

I advise you to place the birdfeeder near a bush or a tree since hummingbirds spend most of their lives perching. As a matter of fact you can place these nectar feeders anywhere you will have a clear view of the hummers. However, a good idea is to place their feeders near hanging potted flowers, and if you tie a red ribbon on the feeder the success is guaranteed.

5. Polliantor Garden

By setting the perfect environment for hummingbirds it will be easier to attract them into your yard. So, you can plant flowers that provide natural food sources for nectar-hungry hummingbirds. Another important thing to keep in mind is to leave those beneficial insects settle into your garden: spiders provide cobwebs in hummingbirds nest construction.

6. Maintain Hummingbird Nectar Fresh

If you place the nectar feeder in the sun you must check periodically the nectar condition. As any other living being is crucial for hummingbirds health to keep their feeders clean.

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