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How Do I Get Rid Of Those Noisy Crickets In The House?

Writing about my hobbies is a pleasure! Gardening, home remedies, knitting and cooking are some of the things I love doing and sharing my experience with you is also a pleasure.

For instance, I want to tell you how I got rid of crickets inside my house, because I faced with a chirping invasion this summer. I know that crickets are a sign of good luck, but sleeping with them in your bedroom is not such a lucky thing. In addition, crickets love eating wool, silk and cotton, so it’s no such a great thing ignoring them.

However, I don’t have such a cold heart in killing these tiny chirping creatures, but I found the perfect methods in getting rid of them. Well, to be honest, my tricky father found one of the below methods.

He motivated my daughter to catch the crickets inside the house by paying her $1 per cricket. Camilla is now the feminine version of Sherlock Holmes. She caught 5 crickets which she kept safely in a jar. No wonder my daughter loves her grandpa!

Anyhow, leaving my father’s method aside, let’s try some humane methods to get rid of crickets.

Molasses Bait

You need:<

  • Molasses
  • Small bowl

How to prepare and use:

Put a few tablespoons of molasses in a bowl and fill it with water. Place the bowl in the room/area where you’ve heard a cricket and let it stand there. Crickets love molasses and they will quickly jump into the bowl when they will sense its smell.

Cricket Trap

Quite easy! Just place sticky traps in the area where crickets are chirping, especially at the doorways and windows. The crickets will jump right on the sticky traps and you’ll find them afterwards.

Vacuum Crickets

You can use the vacuum cleaner to remove crickets indoors. This method will probably kill the cricket, but you may check the vacuum cleaner dust bag.

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