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How Do I Keep Rabbits Away From My Vegetable Garden?

The first thing that pops-out in your mind when you’re thinking about rabbits is those fluffy and super-gentle creatures that hop around the field. I can’t deny that they are cute…let’s think about Bugs Bunny!
But if you ask a gardener about rabbits, they don’t have the same opinion. To every gardener out there rabbits are pests because they go hitting the vegetable garden, ruining every crop. My grandpa is not very trilled when he hears about rabbits.

Although my brain can’t associate rabbits as pests they actually are! For this reason, most gardeners take serious measures in keeping them at a distance from their crop garden.

Even if there are dangerous traps for rabbits, I bet that no one wants to hurt these fluffy animals. Hence, you can try using some humane methods in keeping “wabbits” away from your vegetable garden.

1. Build a Fence
Surround your crop garden with chicken wire and you’ll keep rabbits away from your veggies. The wire fence has to be about 18 inches tall and buried into the ground. Rabbits are smart creatures and they can dig to make room for a delicious meal.

2. Grow Scented Plants
Strong scents are the best repellents for rabbits. So, plant scented herbs like basil, oregano, onion or garlic in your vegetable garden and rabbits won’t touch it! As a bonus, you’ll get fresh vegetables as onions and garlic.

3. Humane Traps
When dealing with square blocks of vegetables it’s pretty hard to keep rabbits and other pests away using scented plants or surrounding the area. Sometimes you have to use traps. You can buy live or cage traps that cost around $40 on Amazon.

Be careful to wear gloves while handling these traps because rabbits detect human smell and will avoid the cage. You can use lettuce and carrots as bait.
When the trap is filled you can take it to a wooded grassy area away from your crops, and release the animals in the wilderness.

4. Predator Urine Repellents
As rabbits use their noses to find your delicious crop garden, you can use repellents to change the smell of your crops. Predator urine is the best non-toxic repellent you can use to keep rabbits away. Search online for predator urine, such as foxes, hawks and owls. Spray the scent all over the crop garden to keep these hungry pests away. However, you should know that these repellents work for a short time and need to be reapplied frequently.

Grandpa tip: put your dog to watch the vegetable garden and it will scare rabbits away.

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