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How Do I Stop Woody Woodpecker From Pecking My House?

We can’t deny that woodpeckers are extremely beautiful birds and it’s a pleasure to watch them, especially if you are a bird lover. However, these noisy yet pretty little birds can create a lot of damage if they stick around your house. Their drilling activities can leave pretty bad holes in every wooden structure around your house, such as trees, fences, house, deck, chimney and so on.

Another bothering action of Woody-The-Woodpecker is the drumming noise it makes when they are drilling. Even if drilling and drumming are primarily breeding activities of such birds they can irritate humans pretty badly.

Hence, many people don’t want to deal with such birds around their homes, that is why they invented all sort of safe and easy ways in stopping woodpeckers from damaging you house and its surroundings.

1. Feeding Woodpeckers

Instead of allowing woodpeckers to forage for insects on a wooden house, provide better foods for woodpeckers to give them an easier food source. Suet, mealworms, and jelly are all superb choices the birds may prefer.

2. Pest Control

If the insects are feeding on the wooden structure of the house, contact a pest control company for insect inspection. Pest treatments to eliminate those insects will remove that tempting food source and cause woodpeckers to feed elsewhere.

3. Using Artificial Predator Decoys

Using the fact that owl is the creature that can eat any bird meat, the most effective home remedy to get rid of woodpecker is to install artificial owl toy at the place where woodpeckers come frequently. Being their biggest enemy, this fake owl will create an illusion of real predator and will scare woodpeckers away.

4. Set up a wind chime or a pinwheel near the spot

The noise or motion these objects make in the wind may fool your woodpecker into thinking a predator is near and deter them from coming any closer.

5. Hang up a shiny object

A mirror (or aluminum foil if you’re in a pinch) near the spot where a woodpecker has made its home will show the bird its reflection when it returns, startling it and potentially scaring it away from the area.

6. Spook them with noise

This last simple deterrent (no purchase necessary!) only requires you to clap your hands, whoop, or make another loud noise to frighten the bird off if you’re outdoors and you see one.


Do not injure or attempt to capture the birds. This is also illegal under the Migratory Bird Act and can result in fines or jail time for any violations.

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