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How Can I Get Rid Of Fleas And Ticks In My Yard?

This is the season when fleas and ticks are dancing around our lawn and backyard, and nevertheless on our pets.
Now that is warmer outside, our pets are enjoying their time playing on the lawn, and even if you protected them from these external parasites, you should be on red-alert, because the risk of carrying fleas and ticks inside the house is very high. Before getting rid of fleas and ticks inside your home and on your pets, you should consider in disinfecting your yard of such parasites and prevent future infestations.

Even if this will not be an easy task, you should consider in taking care of this problem A.S.A.P. and in the following lines you have the perfect methods in getting rid of fleas and ticks in your backyard.

1. Flood The Yard With Water

Flea and tick larvae won’t survive a flooded lawn. Since the weather is most sunny and dry, you should take the hose and flood the entire yard. This method will kill these parasites and it will remove all the feces from adult fleas and ticks.
How to: remove all the clutter and start trimming the lawn at least ½ inches. This way you’ll prevent fleas and ticks from living on your lawn. Now, take the hose to flood the entire lawn. Repeat this process monthly.

2. Cedar Chips Will Keep This Parasites Away

By spreading cedar wood chips all over your yard you’ll keep these harmful insects away from your lawn, because they hate the smell of cedar chips.
How to: buy large cedar chips and start putting these chips along the fence. This method will deter fleas away. You may sprinkle these large, flat chips under the bushes and shrubs.

3. Plants To Deter Fleas And Ticks

Plants with particular smell can be real repellent for ticks and fleas and it may cut down considerably the number of some other pests in your garden. So, grow rosemary, wormwood and garlic in pots or in your backyard and you won’t deal with ticks and fleas anymore.

Along with these three methods you can apply a non-chemical treatment. Non-chemicals treatments are perfect to use if you have pets and children.

You can use natural sprays and spray all over your lawn and backyard, and the best sprays for this purpose are the ones that contain peppermint and clove oil. Due to Eugenol found in cloves, fleas and ticks won’t resist more than a few seconds after application. As a bonus, this spray is perfect to control mosquitoes, too.

Another natural method you can try to get rid of fleas and ticks in your backyard is to use nematodes. You can find sprays based on nematodes in special stores or on Amazon. These nematodes are beneficial worms that release a toxic substance for fleas and ticks. The best thing is that this substance is not harmful for pets and humans.

Warning! If you are confronting with a pesky fleas and ticks infestation you should ask for professional help from pest control experts.

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