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How Can I Keep Those Creepy-Crawly Stink Bugs Away From My Garden?

This is the stink bug season! You can find it everywhere, especially in the areas with vegetation. They have a natural defense mechanism that releases a pungent odor to deter predators.

Gosh, they are awful, disgusting! I would rather see spiders instead of these creepy bugs. And you know the saying: the fated will happen.

This summer we were “attacked” by a stink bug invasion. They were everywhere: in the yard, house, closet, everywhere. Oh, Lord! It was creepy and I thought that I would never get rid of them and their awful smell.

The first impulse was to call the local pest control, but my neighbor helped me a lot with some extraordinary tips to keep these creepy and smelly creatures away from my yard and house. Even better, because I didn’t want to pollute the environment with toxic substances since I have 3 children, a cat and two dogs.

You need:

  • Dish soap (any kind)


  • Bucket
  • Gardening gloves
  • Paper towels

How to get rid of stinky bugs?

The first thing you should do is to place water in a bucket. Add plenty of dish soap to make soapy water.
Put on those gardening gloves and start hand-picking adult and young stink bugs from plants. Place each removed stink bug in the soapy water.

Use the paper towels to destroy their eggs.

The second thing is to apply pheromone sticky traps around your yard and house. They work wonders. I used pheromone moth traps which you can find it on a good price on Amazon.

As a prevention method, next year in early spring plant French Marigolds and annual sunflowers in the garden. These plants attract beneficial insects to your garden which will keep you away from stink bugs.

In case you didn’t have marigolds in your garden, you can easily go the floral shop and purchase a few marigold bushes and plant them immediately in your garden. In a few days, stink bugs will slowly dissipate.

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