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How Do I Deter Rats From My Garden?

Rats are not welcomed around humans. But what do you do when you see one hanging around through your garden, porch or front door? Yes, the first thing you’ll do is to scream, but then you have to think on how to get rid of them.
Keep in mind! Where is one rat, definitely there’s more! It will bring the whole family!

Rats are pretty clever and they adapt very quickly to change. Also, these ugly rodents are masters in hiding! However, you should learn how to recognize signs of their presence around your house and keep them away from getting indoors, because they are extremely sneaky!

How to tell if you have rats in your garden?

Rats rummage around your garden, chewing on ornaments and other structures. Hedges, bushes, branches, cardboards, compost piles, English Ivy, firewood materials and so on provide the best hiding places to rats while your crop garden is their perfect food source.

How to get rid of rats?

I know killing rats is not a solution, but these full-of-diseases rodents create a lot of problems both in domestic and wildlife areas.

You may try using different rat cages or traps, but you must know that rats don’t like new things and it may take a while until you’ll catch it. Be careful to wear gloves and long sleeve jacket to protect yourself from the rat fury when you release it in the wildlife.

Toxic and Poisonous Methods for Rats
These are the most effective methods in getting rid of rats, but they are extremely dangerous for the environment. It’s better, though, to use methods that deter rats permanently.

Peppermint Oil
I don’t know why, but peppermint oil seems to be an effective way in driving rats away.
Just soak a few cotton balls in peppermint oil and put it from place to place, especially in the areas where they are prone to hide. Don’t forget about your house access points.

Is the perfect feline repellent and it extremely effective in driving rats away from your garden! Plant some catnip from place to place especially in the area where rats are more prone to build their living place.

Keep Your Garden Clean
Deter rats by destroying their home places. Keep your garden clean and tidy by removing any cardboard, piles of wood, compost, bushes, and so on. Maintain a tidy lawn and rats won’t have any place to hide.
Also, if you remove any water or food sources they will go away. Keep your bin closed and make sure that the compost is perfectly sealed.

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