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How Do I Keep Mosquitoes Out Of My Backyard?

We are in the middle of mosquito breeding season and most of us are still fighting against these pesky insects. If getting them out of the house is not so complicated, I can’t say the same thing about keeping them away from your backyard.

It’s absolutely impossible in keeping mosquitoes away from invading an outdoor area. However, you can reduce the chances that mosquitoes will breed in your backyard.

In order to remove mosquitoes from your property, you should know more about their breeding cycles and habitats to know how to act against them.

It’s well-known that a female mosquito has to mate with a male mosquito before laying any eggs. After the mating process the female mosquito will look for the ideal location to lay her eggs: at the water surface or along the water edge.

But, let’s go back to your backyard and see mosquitoes perfect breeding locations?

Even a small amount of stagnant water is perfect for female mosquito to lay her eggs. Given this reason you have to remove any stagnant water out of your property to reduce drastically the number of mosquitoes from your property.

But, let’s see some other methods in getting rid of mosquitoes from your backyard

1. Get Rid Of Any Source Of Stagnant Water

Check every toy, planters and pots, tarps, tires, open trash cans or buckets, bird houses, and other things that may hold water after the rain.

2. DIY Garlic Solution

Spray the outdoor plants with a garlic solution to deter mosquitoes out of your property. Just boil a few garlic cloves in water, let it cool a bit then pour it in a spray bottle and sprinkle it over the plants.

3. Bring Natural Predators

Encourage natural mosquito predators like birds and bats to hang around your backyard. Bats enjoy having for dinner a few mosquitoes and some other flying insects. So, build a bat and bird house in your backyard and mosquitoes will stay away. Purple Martin is a bird species that loves mosquitoes.

4. Pest-Repelling Plants

It’s kind of late right now to consider growing plants, but you can try it the next year. Just grow lemongrass and marigolds in your backyard to form a barrier against mosquitoes and other insects such as fleas.

Some DIY Mosquitoes Control Methods

Mosquito repellent candles: citronella candles may keep mosquitoes away on a beautiful summer night in your backyard. However, this is not a long-term solution.

Pot plants: in order to avoid pesticides you may decorate your porch with catnip, citronella, rosemary or marigolds. Mosquitoes hate their scent and will stay away from your property.

Outdoor bug spray: just purchase a bug spray and spray throughout your property, focusing on vegetation and shady places.

Of course, the most effective solution in getting rid of mosquitoes is to call for professional help. Check your local services for mosquito control.

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