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How Do I Keep Pigeons Off My Balcony?

As a bird lover, I like to attract little beautiful songbirds to my balcony, and for that matter I decided to attach small birdfeeders to my windowsill. It worked perfectly a few days and then … pigeons happen!
Don’t get me wrong, I like pigeons, but they are extremely mean and perky, leaving a total mess behind. Not to mention about their huge pooh left on the windowsill! Gross! Living in an apartment is not fun to have pigeons as visitors.

Good-to-know! Every bird lover must know that pigeons are the perfect carrier of fleas, ticks and mites so be careful!

Even if pigeons are not welcomed guests to your balcony, scarring or chasing these birds away can cause them an injury and I bet that you don’t want this to happen. Instead, you can try other methods available to tack these birds down.

You can control pigeons with cooked rice. Just place some cooked rice on the balcony and pigeons will stay away from you. I don’t know how this works but many people say cooked rice is pretty effective.

Mirrors and Noise
This method will keep all birds away. In case you are not a bird lover as I am, you can use CDs or hang a mirror on your balcony to keep these perky birds away.

Spicy Repellent
Pepper flakes are one of the best natural repellents you can use on pigeons. Spray it around the balcony and pigeons will instantly leave.

Fake Birds
Pigeons are afraid of … ravens! So, you can place the plastic version of the most fearful pigeon predator and they will stay away for sure. As a matter of fact, hawks, owls, buzzards are other pigeon predators.

Tin Foil
The principle is similar to the CDs. You can cut some long aluminium strips and hang them on the balcony. They will flutter slowly reflecting light which will confuse the pests.

Depending on where you live, there are several ways in keeping pigeons away. You don’t have to deal with these birds anymore if they cause you trouble. However, if you are a house owner and bird lover, you can make a pigeon house, and the below tutorial is very on point!

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