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Humane Methods To Get Rid Of Moles In The Crop Garden

If you put hard work in growing a beautiful crops garden or maintaining a lush lawn, I get the frustration when you see it attacked by moles.

Moles are tunneling under the ground and raising tiny dirt volcanoes on its surface. There’s no way you may not know when these digging creates attack your crops.

Seeing the bigger picture, moles are not so damaging to the environment because they aerate the soil and remove larvae and other harmful insects. However, they become a big problem when they attack your crops garden and lawn, because during their digging process, moles can easily break plant roots or devastate the landscape.

If you are looking for some humane and effective methods to get rid of moles in the garden, you’ve clicked the right button.

Surround The Perimeter With Mole-Repellent Plants

It’s well-known that prevention is the key in every domain, and the same thing applies with moles. Instead of fighting with moles and trying to remove them from your crops garden, plant vegetative barriers that will keep moles away.

Plants such as daffodils, alliums, marigolds and fritillaries are the best natural mole-repellents you can use. As a personal tip, you should plant these flowers densely to deter moles from moving in.

Organic Mole Repellent

A humane solution in getting rid of moles is mixing equal parts of dish soap with castor oil. This natural and effective repellent will deter moles from getting into your garden.
Another natural mole repellent is mixing chili powder with garlic or adding dog/human hair into the molehill.

Bring In Mole Predators

Moles are extremely frightened of owls and hawks. By bringing them into your garden, moles will reconsider in stepping on your property.

Homemade Mole Traps

To be honest, the best and most effective mole trap is the non-humane one, but if you want to be kind with them prepare your own no-kill trap.
You need a garbage can or large bucket and cover the molehill with it. Cover the other end of the tunnel with a shovel.

How does this trap work?

Well, it seems that moles will feel claustrophobic under the bucket and will try to escape. As the other end is covered, you will be able to catch the mole faster.

Homemade Bait

If the above trap is not working as you desire, you can easily try some homemade bait to catch the moles:

Peanut butter: just place a considerable amount under the trap. The sticky substance of peanut butter will easily trap moles into the cage.

Earthworms: these are mole’s favorite snack. Instead of peanut butter you can add earthworms.

Important! Moles are not stupid. They can easily sniff human smell, so whenever you are handling any trap or bait make sure you wear gloves.

I hope this information was useful for you! Have a great mole hunting!

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