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Humane Mouse Traps And Solutions To Keep These Little Rodents Away From Your House

There’s no homeowner in this world who loves sharing their living spaces with mice. However, at some point in this life you will probably have to deal with it.

During summer, mice have no problem in “building” their house in barns, attics, or elsewhere in the garden, but when the weather cools down a bit, they will weasel their way into your home. For this reason, you have to take preventive methods in keeping them away from your home.

However, if one sneaky mouse got inside your house, then mouse traps may seem like the obvious answer. But less-humane mouse traps are not something you would want to see around your house. At least not for me!
Be aware! If there’s one mouse in the house there are probably mice! So, search carefully every corner of your home.

How to prevent mice from sneakily nest inside your house?

Peppermint is the best natural repellent you can use to put mice on the run. You can grow mint in pots and place them near your front door. The mint scent will drive mice crazy and will keep them away.

Another option is to fill a spray bottle with water and peppermint oil, and spray the solution along doors, windowsills, and other access points. Repeat this procedure twice a week.

Or you may soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them near the access points.

Grandma used to fill small sachets with dried mint and leave them from place to place, especially in the access area.

How to get rid of mice inside your house without poison?

Alongside with the above peppermint mouse repellent solution you can use other natural repellents such as:

Clove oil: mice hate the smell of cloves. So, place cotton balls soaked in clove oil from place to place and no mouse will ever appear.

Hot pepper spray: you may purchase one on Amazon or you can prepare your own. Add in a gallon of boiling water a few tablespoons of hot pepper flakes and half a cup of chopped jalapenos. Leave the mixture to macerate for 24 hours then strain the liquid through a fine mesh sieve. Fill a spray bottle with this solution and spray it over around all the access points. Repeat this step twice a week.

And here we are: trap and release

Some people agree with humane traps and others don’t! There are many opinions when debating this subject. Either way, there are many traps you can use to catch a mouse, but we rely more on the natural and inexpensive ones.

So, set a five-gallon bucket under a shelf near the infested area. Fill six it half with water, and then rub the sides of the bucket with petroleum jelly.
The next move is to smear some peanut butter to one end of a ruler and lay it across the shelf and the tip of the bucket. Half of the ruler must sit over the water. The result? Well, when the mouse will run for the peanut butter, they’ll fall into the bucket.

Other humane “mice traps”!

One of the most humane traps is to bring inside the house mice predators. Since forever, cats are the most fearful mice predators, so as rat terriers.
Don’t worry! Cats, these days, don’t kill mice anymore! It will scare them away or play until they get dizzy, enough for you to catch the little rodent.
The same situation applies in the case of rat terriers. They just play with mice until they faint or get dizzy!

Tips! Mice can be cute but you have to understand that they are very dangerous for our health. They spread serious diseases such as hantavirus and rabies, so avoid these little rodents as much as you can. In case mice chewed your food or meal boxes, it better to throw them away then save it.
Every time you handle a trap use gloves, and wash your hands with soap after that.

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