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How To Make Fall / Winter Porch Pots

I made one similar to this one a few years ago. It lasted really well outside in the snow. So cheap to make too! 💖 They’re so easy to do, and the resources to make them are really easy to come by. For additional holiday flair, try tying a tartan ribbon around the pot or sticking in some pretty ornaments …

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How to Make German Stars for Christmas

I definitely remember making these when I was younger….used to sit for hours making them. Great memories! Not ready to make these Fröebel Star Ornaments yet? No problem! Make sure you pin this post to your favorite Holiday Pinterest board so they’re ready when you are. If you wonder if these would really only take 5 minutes to make, check …

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7 Garden Edging Ideas to Design a Perfect Landscape

These 7 DIY garden edging ideas will help you define your landscape significantly. Thus, if you need to highlight an area, or maybe to add texture to your landscape, here you have them. Moreover, you might need a landscape design for your lawn and flower bed edging. Regardless of your choice, these garden edging ideas can play an important role …

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7 Budget-Friendly Rock Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Do you have a small space as a garden that you just can’t figure it out how to design it? Or you don’t know how to handle those tiny patches of grass? Well, personally, I was in the same situation until I decided I should bring a landscape to life. And for this, there is one simple solution that is …

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5 Arbor Ideas For Shade In Your Backyard

We all love to spend time outside, especially we love to lay back in our own backyard. And the time has come to get lazy, the summer is here. However, the sun can get a little overbearing sometimes. Hence, it generates quite an intense heat and a harmful radiation that most of us would like to avoid. But if you …

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5 Indoor Garden Ideas Perfect For Tiny Spaces

Plants can bring a splash of life and color into the dullest apartment. Many plants have actually been proven to improve indoor air quality by absorbing pollutants and excess carbon dioxide. Also, flash-frosts, weeds and garden pests will all be a thing of the past when you move your greenery indoors. Take a look at these 5 examples of amazing …

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