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What To Do About That Sticky Substance On Your Orchids?

Sometimes, our orchids (of various types) get a sticky clear residue on their leaves. This is pretty scary if you love your orchids and care for their environment. Now you might want to know what this is and how do we get rid of it. Well, you’re in the right spot. Check this article for information on sticky leaves and …

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7 Mother Nature Nutrients That Promote Plant Growth

Do you buy fertilizers and soil additives? You know they are quite harmful to the environment. However, you still want to boost your garden and plant growth. Have you ever thought of taking advantage of waste from Mother Nature? These ingredients will help you with plant growth. Not to mention how simple they are to prepare! Check out these 7 …

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Gophers Getting Your Crops? 9 Natural Hacks To Get Rid Of Them

It shouldn’t have to be so hard to get rid of gophers! I think I speak for everyone when I say no more holes in your lawn this season. Don’t lose any more plants; I think it’s officially the time to kill gophers! You can now use these natural hacks to get rid of gophers. 9 Natural Hacks To Get …

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