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4 Methods to Get Rid of Mealybugs in Your Houseplants

Mealybugs are the most annoying pests, in my opinion. Especially when I find them on indoor plants. They like to hide and then come in with a sneak attack. Thus, imagine my surprise when I discovered a white cottony growth on plants overnight. That’s their work so I know I need to get rid of mealybugs from my indoor plants. …

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4 Step Method To Get Rid Of Mushrooms In Your Potted Plants

Having mushrooms appear overnight in your potted plants can be disconcerting. The most common mushroom found growing in houseplants is called the yellow houseplant mushroom. The mushroom you are seeing above the ground is the fruit of a fungus called mycelium. These mushrooms are quite toxic for your plants so you need to take action immediately. If you are looking …

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