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DIY Baking Soda Spray to Get Rid of Powdery Mildew

There is nothing more frustrating and annoying than a plant fungus issues. It doesn’t matter if you have microgreens, veggies or houseplants, this plant fungus will absolutely ruin them if left untreated. How to notice when your plant has fungus? Well, you have to check out for unusual spotting. Furthermore, you may find a white growth on the leaves that …

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Get Rid of Fungus Gnats in Houseplants Soil

Fungus gnats are probably the most annoying indoor plant pests. And, the worst part about them is that they can infest any plant that is growing in soil. You will see them crawling out of the potting soil. Probably, most of them will also be flying around your plant when you are watering them. Thus, if you face this problem, …

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4 Methods to Get Rid of Mealybugs in Your Houseplants

Mealybugs are the most annoying pests, in my opinion. Especially when I find them on indoor plants. They like to hide and then come in with a sneak attack. Thus, imagine my surprise when I discovered a white cottony growth on plants overnight. That’s their work so I know I need to get rid of mealybugs from my indoor plants. …

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5 DIY Decorative Ideas to Show Off Bathroom Plants

We all know how beneficial are the indoor plants. They are such a lovely visual addition to space that they are creating softness and are adding color in every room. Also, they are perfect to clean the toxins from the air. However, some plants are just harder to maintain. Thus, I would recommend placing them in your bathroom. It would …

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Get Rid Of Whiteflies & Save Your Indoor Plants

You are probably wondering what are those little white flying bugs on your indoor plants. Well, you’re in the right place for answers. They are whiteflies, mostly active during the daytime. The good news is you can easily spot them. Find out more information here and learn how to control and get rid of whiteflies. How do these whiteflies harm …

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