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Effective Tips & Tricks to Protect Your Orchids From Mealybugs

Does your orchid have tiny, white, hairy bugs? Did you try washing them off with soap and water with no results? What is this bug called? How can you get rid of it? Well, the insects on your orchids are mealybugs. You are right to be concerned about them! As any other pests, these are also not innocent on the …

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How to Treat Dark Spots on Orchid Leaves

The orchid is a plant that rarely gets sick. If they do get sick, brown spots on their leaves are the most common symptom. What causes the brown spots? Typically, brown spots occur after pathogenic mold (fungi) infection. Brown spots can sometimes be caused by bacteria. There are many causes of infection, but these are the most common: ▪ An …

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How To Tell It’s Time To Repot Your Orchid

It’s very important to choose the right time to repot your orchid. Direction 1. When over the pot edges occur roots of considerable lengths, it means that the plant requires a larger pot. 2. If the plant has started the flowering process, changing the pot will be delayed until the flowering ends. 3. If the plant is not flowering, the …

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How to Water Your Orchids Correctly – 9 Good to Know Tips

Yellow orchid leaves are most commonly caused by incorrect watering. In order to grow orchids successfully, you need to know when and how to water them. Using the tips in this article, you’ll be able to water your orchids effectively. 🔴 1. The orchid should only be watered in the morning. ⚪ 2. The basic rule is to water once …

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