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10 Toxic Plants Your Cat Shouldn’t Ingest

If you own a cat but you’re also a plant-lover make sure the flowers in your home are not a threat to your feline. Cats are tempted to eat the leaves by curiosity or boredom. But some of them are poisonous and can cause vomiting, indigestion and kidney blockage. Here’s a top 10 of the most dangerous plants for cats: …

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Cactus Care Tips For Beginners – Light, Soil And Watering

An article dedicated to those who love cacti. Cacti are those plants that many adore them but few know how to care for them. They are decorative plants that offer a great show when they bloom, even if their flower lives only a few days. That is why we thought it would not be bad to describe in a few …

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How To Determine Soil Fertility Through Its Color

Soil color is an indicator of its chemical composition and a very good sign to determine its fertility. Dark soils reflect a high nutrient content. They are ideal for almost all crops and their value increases accordingly to their depth. Soil fertility decreases from black to brown, rust brown, red, gray, yellow. Chalky soils are less fertile and are not …

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Most Important Rules To Ventilate Your Greenhouse Properly

Learn the most important ventilation rules of your greenhouse, applicable from spring to autumn. Spring In early spring, when the temperature is still low (around 5 ° C), solariums are kept closed to maintain the heat in the interior and to achieve a temperature with 6-10ºC higher than the one from the outside. During this period, ventilation can only be …

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How To Use Organic Fertilizer And What Are The Risks

Seduced by the mirage of “Organic Agriculture ” many novice gardeners think that the use of organic fertilizers is the winning solution to obtain the best crops. But things are not quite so. The real choice in choosing the fertilizer isn’t chemical or natural but proper or improper. Like the chemical fertilizers, the natural ones are very different in chemical …

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Vegetable Garden: 5 Most Common Seeding Mistakes

You spend more time working on your vegetable garden, but it does not look exactly as you want. You ever thought that maybe you made some mistakes when you have planted the seedlings and seeds? It is best to know in advance some information about garden care in order to avoid any problem, because you often make efforts but the …

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