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How to Treat Dark Spots on Orchid Leaves

The orchid is a plant that rarely gets sick. If they do get sick, brown spots on their leaves are the most common symptom.

What causes the brown spots?

Typically, brown spots occur after pathogenic mold (fungi) infection.
Brown spots can sometimes be caused by bacteria.

There are many causes of infection, but these are the most common:

▪ An infection that develops when the plant is placed in an improper environment (excessive humidity, lack of humidity, etc.);
▪ Plants that have been exposed to other infected plants;
▪ Infection caused by damage during the repotting process.

Where do these spots appear?

These brown spots (sometimes black) can occur on all plant organs: roots, leaves and flowers.

How to prevent the infection?

▪ Providing the orchids with the minimum conditions they need;
▪ Keeping the orchid healthy;
▪ Proper fertilization is essential.

🌸 How to treat diseased orchids?

It is critical to isolate plants showing signs of disease from those that are healthy.
In the early stages of the illness, remove the infected parts, whether they are flowers, leaves or roots.
In the event that the disease spreads to the whole plant: change the pot and substrate, remove the affected parts, soak the roots in fungicide solution, and spray the rest of the plant.

You can also use this mix instead of fungicide: take 4-5 crushed garlic cloves and pour 34 ounces of boiling water over them. After cooling, filter the solution and use it in the same manner as described above.
In certain cases, the stem of the flower needs to be removed, especially if it has been compromised aesthetically.
As part of the rescue action, attention should be paid particularly to the bud (the shoot that normally occurs in the leaf’s axil).
As a last resort, you may have to get rid of the plant.

⚠ Careful!
◾ Working with fungicides requires attention, because they are highly toxic substances!
◾ Prepare the solution according to the instructions.
◾ Since these treatments are homemade, it is recommended that they be applied in a bathtub.
◾ After the process is complete, wash the tub thoroughly.

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