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DIY Support Cage To Keep Large Peonies From Falling Over

My favorite flowers are the large peonies that smell heavenly. Once the peony buds start to open, the flowers quickly become so large that the stems aren’t able to support the heavy flowers. Thus, the flowers inevitably go crashing into the ground. Now, I don’t want that to happen, they are amazing flowers to have. Hence, I want to make a support cage when the time is right to keep them from falling over. Thus, keep reading and see how to make a DIY support cage to keep large peonies from falling over.

I know what you might be thinking! It is difficult to make a plant support to keep your large peonies growing upright. However, the project won’t be such a hassle and it will actually be fun from start to finish. Now, in order to give the proper support for peonies, you also need to get some peony cages to hold them up. Furthermore, make sure they have the right size for your large peonies. Some flowers grow taller than others so you would need taller supports. Imagine your supports are too short; the flowers will definitely collapse over the top of the supports.

Without any further ado, here are the supplies you will need to create a homemade support cage for peonies:

– a number of heavy duty stakes depending on how large your plant is
– twine, plastic plant ties
– a hammer or rubber mallet

Check the step-by-step instructions so you can successfully make a DIY support cage for large peonies:

1. Position a plant stake a few inches away from the rootball.

2. Then, use your hammer to drive it into the ground.

3. Work your way around your peony plant, driving another stake every few feet until you have made a circle around your peony.

4. After this, tie one end of your plant tie to a plant stake, string it to the next stake, and wrap it around or tie it to the stake to secure it. You should keep doing this until you have a full ring around the entire peony bush.

5. Then, position the plant tie so that it sits just below the base of the peony flowers. That way, you will give them the best support.

Don’t worry too much if your peony cage isn’t perfect, all it has to do is provide a great support for your large peonies. Actually, if you did it right, you probably can’t really see them through the thick peony leaves anyway.

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